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Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not homemaker of the year.  I mean, look at me, I’m writing for Homemakers Challenge and yet I constantly feel challenged at homemaking.  However, I knew I could bring something to this site because I know there are many women that feel challenged in homemaking too and if I could share a tip or something that worked for me that could help someone else then it would be worth it.

I am a mom, and like many of you I wear many different hats.  I homeschool, and work from home, I’m a wife, daughter, sister and friend.  I only have so many hours in my day and no matter how hard I try to make a 24 hour day a 48 hr one I just can’t seem to make that happen.

Last year I read an article on once a month cleaning at Simple Homeschool.  There were so many inquiries people had for her she did two more articles just to answer the questions.  I knew once I read it this could be an answer for me.  I struggled all the time trying to get a cleaning routine that worked for me that I could do with success.  I often felt like a failure because I couldn’t seem to make any of them work.  Because my days are full with homeschooling and work I have very little extra time in my week day and I love spending the weekends with my family.

I don’t like spending it cleaning.

To make this work I have to do a daily list.  We live at home 24/7 so lots of messes are made every day.


*Load the dishwasher

*Make beds (my kids make their own)

*Quickly straighten each room with my laundry basket in my hands to pick up stray items

*Vacuum high traffic areas only (sometimes every other day for this)

*Put a load of laundry in and fold and put away when it is done (though I still often get behind on putting clothes away, just keeping it honest and real)

*Swipe the toilet and wipe down the sink.

Please keep in mind I have three children from ages 8-13 so several of these jobs are part of their chores.  If I am having company, I often do more.

At the beginning of each month I schedule my cleaning day, I prefer to do it the 1st or 2nd of the month if I can.  I homeschool this day but I don’t work (sometimes I have to get work done the day before by doubling up some things).  I don’t make dinner that day either, we order pizza and I do a very low key easy lunch. Everyone helps clean this day, even my husband helps me when he gets home with a few jobs that are hard for me because my back hurts me quite a bit at times.

This is my cleaning day list-

*Mop Kitchen and entry way

*Vacuum whole house

*Clean bathroom really good

*Change sheets (I also do this 2 weeks after too)

*Complete dusting

*Clean the windows

This would not work for everybody.  If you or your husband likes your home extremely clean at all times this wouldn’t work.  We are content if things are orderly, For example:  I like a vacuumed floor but dust doesn’t bother me.  It really depends on your family but it works for us!

Some of my favorite tools to help make things quicker and easier are:

*My cleaning caddy (can buy one at any department store) see picture top of article

*My ostrich feather dusters

*My hand duster (LOVE this thing) from flylady, There are stores that carry it but this one is the best.

*My mop from clean team, it is the sh mop, after you use it you can just throw in the cloth pad in the washer and use it again, it twist and turns to go underneath cabinets and more.  I Love it!


*I am loving Amy’s natural cleaning series; I love to use natural products that are safe for my family

Keep in mind that you still need a day twice in the year where you do deep cleaning such as washing the curtains, baseboards, and other things you don’t need to do every day or every month.

Would once a month cleaning work for you?

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Angela is a work at home homeschooling mother of three. She loves creating meaningful traditions with her family that are simple but fun! She wants her home to have a “lived in” feel but organized and functional for family life. She also loves scrapbooking because it is creating a written life story for her children. She writes at her blog MomwithHeart and is a contributor for TheBetterMom

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3 replies on “Once a Month Cleaning
  1. KimH says:

    This is about what I already do. I clean our one bathroom a little more often, but not the entire thing. Floor, toilet, sink.

    I dont do laundry but every 2 or 3 weeks.. I’ll do a load of jeans & towels in there but not more than that.

    I work outside the home so this works for me.. but if we still had all our kids (5) at home, it wouldnt work at all.. There are just 3 & 1/8th ;) of us at home now.. and everyone mostly keeps their stuff up, so its not that difficult or time consuming anymore.

  2. TyKes Mom says:

    I actually do just the opposite. I have an Everyday Cleaning Concept that keeps up on all the cleaning in just 15 minutes a day. As a homeschooling mother, I incorporate it as part of our homeschooling activities. The kids actually enjoy some of the cleaning, and the rest teaches them that some things just have to be done. Between my 3-1/2 yr old, my 1-1/2 yr old and myself, we can get quite a bit done in just 15 minutes a day!

  3. Christy says:

    I might have to try to adapt this…but I’m not sure I could fit it all in to one day…we must be extra dirty!

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