When Is DIY a Bad Idea? Making DIY Fit YOU!

We all like to make improvements to our homes, and now with the addition to Pinterest in a lot of our lives we are constantly bombarded with all of these delightful DIY spaces, most with not-so-wonderful price tags.

It is advantageous to gather new ideas, but keep in mind a few noteworthy things:

Your personal tastes

If you love the look of a sequined, living-room mirror, but the rest of your home reflects nothing-of-the-sort, will it be a showpiece — or a big sore thumb?

If you have a defined style, you can take ideas from others, and see if you can put your own twist on them to make yours.



Your personal budget

Sometimes you can love the feel of a space, even think it matches yours perfectly, and realize it is out of your budget entirely.

Last winter, we repurposed our playroom on only a couple hundred dollars and turned it into our schoolroom.

Sam's Noggin


I would love to live near an Ikea, but I just don’t. There isn’t even one close enough to drive to one for a special trip, so I make use of what I do have.

Part of my Christmas gift from my husband was a new desk area for my “office”. {It’s in our dining room.} We used my existing desk {from Walmart-gasp} and built above it using inexpensive shelving from Lowe’s.

Sam's Noggin

This time we did make a special trip to a bigger city to accessorize, {how I love to visit a mall!} but we kept our budget in mind. I went only after the space had been assembled to see what I needed to put in it.

Is it worth doing?

I have rushed in to many projects without the big picture in mind. Just because it looks like a brilliant idea doesn’t mean it is necessary for your home or family. If it isn’t needed, it just isn’t worth any of your time or budget. 

Make a plan

If you think a project fits your needs, style, budget and home-don’t just rush to the store-write it down! Make a paper list, a computer document, “Pin” your own project to inspire others.

Take measurements, list prices, and mark a few days on your calendar to make it happen. You will need time for planning, time for shopping and time for putting it all together.


Above all, have fun! Creating a new item or space for your home is very exciting — just keep true to you, and stay unique.


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Samantha is a Christian homeschooling mom of six, married to Rick, her high school sweetheart. Rick was called to be a preacher, Samantha was called to homeschool, and loves blogging about their journey. She is interested in Bible study, photography, exercise, organizing, and sweet tea. You can find Samantha blogging at http://www.samsnoggin.com.

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10 replies on “When Is DIY a Bad Idea? Making DIY Fit YOU!
  1. Jenni says:

    Great ideas, Sam! I love your desk area. I’m working on organizing mine today. :)

  2. Great post, Sam! I just heard that you can get IKEA products online….at Amazon. I haven’t really checked it out yet, but I thought I’d share with you. :)

    Also, I absolutely love your work space. I’m pinning this to keep it in mind. I cannot seem to get a system that works for me! But this looks right up my alley!

  3. Amy Pires says:

    Hi there!
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got that metal basket that’s on your desk. I have been searching for one like that for a long time. I think it would be cute to hold my files I use everyday.

    • Sure, Amy. I got it at Hobby Lobby. There were several sizes, and this one was the second smallest I believe. We bought it in December, but since I don’t have one nearby, I have no idea how long they hang on to an item like that. I hope you find it!

  4. I love post! I recently wrote one about participating in a media fast because all the cool DIY ideas on Pinterest are just terribly overwhelming to me! That being said, I DO need to frugally and efficiently redo some dead space in our house for an office space for me… and I need to scour the internet for good ideas. I love how you have created a schoolroom and the ideas you used in your office… THANKS!

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