An Autumn Tea

A cup of tea with friends to share,

Autumn scents are in the air.

A warm conversation will fill the room,

Our Autumn Tea is coming soon!

Autumn Tea
Autumn Tea

A Tea?  An Autumn Tea!? Oh, how delightful!

Delightful indeed!

Teas need not be limited to only the season of Spring.  The Fall is a beautiful time of year to share the delights of friendship, tasty foods, and of course, tea!  We enjoy gathering family and friends to share the joys of tea with us, at all times of the year.  And I would like to share this joy with you as well!  The picture above is of our table from our last Autumn Tea.

  • The Table:  We decorated with traditional white tablecloths, and scattered artificial autumn leaves from end to end.  For the centerpiece, we used a simple small-sized straw bale, again with autumn leaves atop, appearing as if a cool breeze had blown in the beauty of Autumn from a nearby tree.  For candleholders, we used miniature pumpkins!  My husband carved in the center a circle, with his hole saw.  The votive candles were a perfect fit!
  • China:  An eclectic mix that can be used with any occasion, although I did try to use colors that were synonymous with Fall.
  • The Music:  Soft and breezy.  We chose songs that were created for English Country Dancing, and they gave a peaceful, old-fashioned feel to the atmosphere.

The scents that filled the air were pumpkin spiced candles, and fresh pumpkin bread, warm from the oven.

  • The Menu:  We served Russian Tea Cookies, pumpkin and banana nut bread, a traditional Yorkshire Pie (as this was a High Tea) as well as fruits and candies.

The tea was Constant Comment, a pleasant blend of black tea, orange rinds, and sweet spice, which complimented our meal perfectly!

I wanted to use to its full advantage, the opportunities that Teas bring.  I read several select paragraphs from two different books and had previously asked another friend if she would also say a few words, which she did.

A vital aspect of any Tea, during any season, is the opportunity to share friendship.  We like to keep the words pleasant and uplifting.  If you’ve never thought of an Autumn Tea, I encourage you to plan one this year.  Our Autumn Tea this year is scheduled for November 5th.  Don’t forget to include a topic of discussion as well.  It can be a blessing to many!