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Being home all the time is somewhat of a challenge for keeping things clean and organized, since homeschooling 3 children 6 and under keeps books, toys, dishes, and schoolwork constantly rotating!

5 Tips to Create a Restful Environment for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

In the middle of all the chaos, your bedroom should be a calm and pleasant place dedicated to sleeping and should be free of stress and any distractions. Even though creating the perfect environment is to some degree dependent on personal taste and preference, sleep experts have brought forward the following sleep hygiene recommendations scientifically …

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Kitchen Design Guide – Start Here First!

The layout of the kitchen depends very much on the role it plays for you. The investments are numerous, but they are directly proportional in number and value, with the passion you have towards the culinary art. The appearance of the kitchen varies depending on many factors, and the overall image reflects the importance. It …

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Kitchen Design Guide

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes: A Family Tradition

I love family traditions.  I have such sweet memories of going to pumpkin patches, having scavenger hunts, decorating cookies, and many other fun traditions that my parents established for our family. These family traditions were not anything extravagant.  In fact, they were really quite simple.  However, I still have wonderful memories of these special times we spent together as …

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Pumpkin Pancakes

Baked Club Pinwheels

I found this absolutely mouth-watering recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it! The very next week, when I went grocery shopping, I got all the ingredients. I wasn’t sure if my husband would like it since he is not big on sandwiches, but it was a massive hit for both of us. The recipe is, …

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Baked Club Pinwheels

Sharing Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I was getting more and more discouraged. I just felt sad as the reality that I would not be settled into my new home before the holiday season came. All talk of thanksgiving menus and decorating for the season made me utterly despondent. All my traditions with the children and my …

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Apple Jack Cookies

An Autumn Tea

A cup of tea with friends to share, Autumn scents are in the air. A warm conversation will fill the room, Our Autumn Tea is coming soon! A Tea?  An Autumn Tea!? Oh, how delightful! Delightful indeed! Teas need not be limited to only the season of Spring.  The Fall is a beautiful time of …

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Autumn Tea

Warming Up Our Hearts And Homes For The Holiday Season

As we are closing out this month of October festivities, most of us have been nesting in our houses with fall decorating, yummy recipes, and fun activities. What a wonderful time of year! As we enter November it is the perfect time to warm up our hearts and homes for the holiday season to come. …

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Cozy Sweater

What Foods Should You Buy Organic – Printable Grocery List

I used to think that the whole “organic” trend would blow over before I was ever tempted to jump on board. That was short-lived. After watching a show on TV about how much preservatives and pesticides we ingest, I began to wonder if going organic was better for us. So, about two years ago, I …

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Organic Veggies

Scheduling the Gift of Time

I am a schedule person. I LOVE schedules… and organization. I have a plan for everything, and everything has a schedule. Probably the nature of being a first-born! But why bother with a schedule? Time is our most valuable resource, and it must be budgeted wisely. I heard a great analogy about budgeting our time. Think …

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Schedule Planner

Giving Thanks At Home

When I was a child, we lived near all of my extended family. There was always great excitement as we prepared for our grandparents to come over for Thanksgiving. Alternatively, for us to enjoy a family holiday at their home. However, now we have settled into local work, we don’t have that luxury. We live …

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Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Recipe

Sunday afternoons can be sweetly quiet around my house. It’s fun to get the older boys (by “older,” I mean 6 and 7) involved in cooking projects while the little ones are napping. This past Sunday, I had the perfect treat up my sleeve. That’s right, chocolate-covered marshmallows! You’ll need: 2 bags of regular-sized marshmallows …

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Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

Name Place Cards for Holiday Tablescapes – Sugar Cookie & Buttercream Recipe

Whether a small gathering or a large family feast, it is such a thoughtful gesture to set out name cards for your guests. There is something so special about knowing someone thought about and planned for you ahead of time. Creating place cards for your table setting does not have to be complicated. Use items …

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