Autumn – A Wonderful Teaching Time

The autumn season is hands down, my favorite season of the year.  The wonderfully cold temperatures, gorgeous colored leaves, and the return of many comfort food recipes to the front of my recipe book all remind me that fall is here, but winter isn’t far behind.


The way I see it, autumn is a beautiful teaching time for children and families.  It’s a great time to do activities together that might be overlooked or just not considered during other seasons of the year.

What do I mean by using this beautiful season as a time for teaching?  These are just a few of the things we have done or plan to do each autumn.  Of course, if your children are younger (toddler age) or older (teenagers), then you may want to tweak some of these ideas to fit your family.

Things to do in Autumn

1.  Hiking together as a family

What a fantastic time to take a hike in the countryside!

The leaves are floating gently down from the trees onto your head and around you as you walk. Alternatively, the leaves have already fallen and are crunching beneath your feet as you walk.  Take this time to stroll through the woods, finding exciting and new things – there are different scents and sights in the woods during this time of year than other times.  Point these out to your children and talk about how the world is amazing!

2.  Bake and make comfort foods

Baking is a fun way to bless your family and others by making some delicious comfort foods in the kitchen together.  Small children can learn about measuring, and older children can continue to learn and hone their skills of reading a recipe, gathering ingredients, and measuring.  Older children can learn how to use the mixer, the oven, and the stovetop or microwave.  The end result is something delicious you can all enjoy knowing you created it together!

3.  Rake some leaves

What better way to teach children that each season produces its own chores or responsibilities along with simple joys.  Raking up leaves can be a family activity.  Reward hard work with a few jumps into the pile of leaves!

4.  Visit a fruit farm

These are such exciting places to visit during the autumn season.  Pick out some pumpkins to draw funny faces on (that’s an art project for those of you who educate at home!), jump in the haymow, or pick some apples for apple crisp or baked apples.  What’s the lesson here?  Farms produce our food – talk about how that impacts your family and the foods you eat each day.

5.  Create a “Blessings Tree”

Cut out autumn colored leaves with your children.  Mom, you can create a tree trunk with some branches on a large piece of poster board or butcher paper and attach it to a wall in the house.  Encourage your children to write out blessings on each leaf before attaching it to the tree.  We’ve always found this to be an excellent way of remembering how blessed we are…even when we don’t feel like it sometimes.  When we’re having an especially rough day, it’s an excellent reminder to look at the tree and think about everything we have.

These are just a few of the ways our family enjoys the autumn season together.

All my best to you this autumn season!