FALL In Love With Your Home

Do you decorate? Why do you use a portion of your tiny budget for “decor”?
Why do you take the time to find seasonal randomness to place around your house?


When talking to my husband about what I would share with you about “fall,” I looked around at my home already sprinkled with warm, fuzzy, friendly fall decorations and told him I was going to talk about decorating. I asked him what direction I should head with that. He quickly responded, “Tell them why you decorate.” Then suddenly, my heart sank.

Having been turned up-side-down recently as a family about materialism, I felt a heaviness of guilt. Why do I decorateIs decorating a wasting of my money, time, and other resources? As a result of this family flip, we have done multiple purges in the past several months. Why did these decorations make the cut?

The most dreaded question yet, “Is my heart asking me to sacrifice my decor?!” I concluded, no–or at least not at this time.

I found the answer to all of my questions.

  • Why do I decorate? I like it. I love finding simple, inexpensive seasonal things that make me smile.
  • Is decorating a wasting of my money, time, and other resources? Not if the belongings I am investing my money in and my time displaying make my family comfy and if the stuff is inviting for company.
  • Why did these decorations make the cut? This equipment is what makes this Victorian, two-story, Barbie-like, block-like structure into a cozy, inviting, purposeful, lived-in HOME. It’s the Rothacher Home. Unlike anyone else’s space.
  • Why were decorations a part of that budget? We budget {a tiny percentage} to make our home ours. Each item stored inside, chosen with purpose, thought, and love. It helps to make our space one to treasure.

Let’s not allow these things we purchase, store, sprinkle around our home to be our treasure. Don’t FALL in love with the items, but let them help set the tone of a time and place that build lasting memories of relationships in the making. Let those effects be the treasure. Let the things aid your house into becoming a homeA memorable place not because of the surrounding adorableness but for the relationships built among the uniqueness. A home where we can make an Eternal impact!

On a more practical note, I’ve included pictures of the simple decorations our family has around our home for this season. These were all inexpensive!

Fall Rustic Decor With Red Berry In Silver Kettle Pmn5auf Decorative Pumpkins And Autumn Leaves For Pqd7bkf Decorative Mini Pumpkins Autumn Leaves For Prdkye9


We found these at the Dollar Tree. YEP! $1.00 for ~50 leaves (cheapest I’ve seen, and yes, I shopped for these). The small pumpkins and other gourds are also plentiful and cheap. I found these at Wal-Mart: 8 for $5.00. I have lots of these but bought several packs for at least 50% off at after season sales.

The bigger things like pumpkin potpourri holders and cornucopia you can also find on sale during the off-season, but I found these, full price, for $10 each. The leave placemats under the pumpkin were found 50%+ off at Wal-Mart last year for about $0.50 each. We are currently adding my girls ‘craft’ projects to the beautification of our home.

Note–we don’t keep all crafts for the years to come. But maybe 1 per child.

WHERE TO DECORATE {totally dependant on your stage of life}:

We have small children continually living in our home, which kind of dictates the placement of items. We reserve taller tables, and the mantel for smaller things that lure children to throwing games and coffee tables are where we set more significant single items that are bulkier and less likely to be damaged. I also love having a “centerpiece” for the holiday for several hours of our family’s day is spent at the dining room table. We also have fall color leaves scattered throughout the house.


I keep each season’s decor stored down in my basement in cheap plastic bins that are labeled which season they are for. It’s like little treasure boxes every few months! Just like our kids and their toys, rotating your decor makes them feel new and fun again and will hopefully keep you from running out and buying new every year/new season.

Add accents that say, “Get comfy. We want you to stay awhile. We enjoy your presence!”
Throw pillows and blankets, candles; fall smells, HOMEMADE decorations made by your children.

Don’t know what you like? Do you think you have no style?

Find inspiration anywhere, then go to it! Pinterest–my new addiction. What reminds you of a pumpkin patch, playing in leaves, and makes you want to snuggle with hot chocolate, kiddos, and a good family flick? Add those to your house, bada-bing- HOME.


Making a house a home is more about your own feelings, and not about the money that you spend. You do not have to portion a huge percentage of your funds onto decor. You only have to be wise with your choices. Make sure that you enjoy what you buy, and love what you live.