Warming Up Our Hearts And Homes For The Holiday Season

As we are closing out this month of October festivities, most of us have been nesting in our houses with fall decorating, yummy recipes, and fun activities. What a wonderful time of year!

As we enter November it is the perfect time to warm up our hearts and homes for the holiday season to come.  With some intentional thoughts, plans, and organization, we can better prepare to fully embrace the holidays with peace and calmness that helps the rest of the family follow suit.

Tips To Equip For The Hustle-Bustle To come.

1. Create some extra space and clean surfaces.

Look around your home and see if there are some things that can be put away in order to make room for the “extras” that will be around for the next couple of months. I like to clean out cluttered areas in my home.  Even make room for extra cold-weather gear hanging around as we need more boots and coats. Not to mention the extra holiday decor that we will be putting up soon.

Clean Surfaces
Clean Surfaces / Source

2. Make a list of the activities you would really like to do with your family.

Mark them on the calendar and get them planned out now. I can feel cheated when the season speeds by and we don’t get to fit in some of the important things we want to do with our kids.  Write your choices and rate them by importance, and make a priority to at least do the top activity on your list!

Family Activities
Family Activities

3. Plan out gifts ahead of time and buy early.

We try to keep Christmas very simple, but expenses can add up. Buying ahead or at least planning ahead alleviates a lot of stress.  I love to make hand-made gifts, and this can take a process, so having ample time to prepare is a key for me. By preparing ahead you can shop the sales and make your dollar stretch.

Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts / Source

4. Plan out your baking ahead of time if giving these items away.

Stock up now on baking supplies with coupons and store specials.  You will be thrilled when you have all of those yummy ingredients on hand.

Winter Gingerbread
Winter Gingerbread

5. Connect with the ones you love.

Computers and television can rob us from connecting with our family. The fall and winter season is a great time for more reading, game nights and fun activities planned for the family that will encourage togetherness and cherishing the ones closest to us.

Decorating In Family
Decorating In Family / Source

6. Plan out a charity or giving project you can do as a family this year.

We love finding ways to give out as a family that includes our children and involves them in the process.

Charity / Source

7. Create coziness in your home with warm throw blankets and cushy pillows.

Arrange furniture to allow for better conversation and gatherings of loved ones.

Cozy Sweater
Cozy Sweater with winter decorations / Source 

8. Burn candles in warm and inviting scents.

Also, you can add yummy aromas with a simple pot of water simmering on the stove, combining cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peel for a pleasing ambiance.

Burn Candles
Burn Candles

9. Take advantage of your crockpot and freezer!

I love to make large amounts of soups, stews, and spaghetti sauce in my crockpot and then freeze some for later when things get more hectic in December. It is a blessing to have that food on busy nights and when we are running out the door for an event.

Crockpot / Source

10. Prepare mentally and spiritually, and take time out for YOU.

As busy homemakers, we can spend a lot of time helping everyone and neglect ourselves.  By spending time in prayer and meditating on the word, calmness and focus will come over our hearts and minds.  As we try to juggle all the busy activities and with the holidays on top of it, there is no better place to turn than into yourself for some spiritual guidance.